Find your friends. Meet new people.

Orbit is a fun and easy way to meetup with nearby friends and discover interesting people around you and at the places you visit.


Meetup with nearby friends and family


Connect with family and friends to get a notification when they’re nearby and available to meetup.


See where friends and family are and share your location with them. Privacy options just reveal the district or the city you're in.


Arrange meetups with a friend or a group of friends to temporarily share your precise locations with each other.

Discover interesting people around you


See who’s visiting the same place as you and get to know more about them. Perfect for conferences, gigs and events!


Broaden your social circle by discovering interesting people around you with similar interests, hobbies and skills.


Learn about the people around you and introduce yourself with a quick message to break the ice.

Who's nearby? Find out with Orbit.

☕️  Free after a meeting?
Catch up with a nearby friend for a coffee.

🛬  Just landed?
Let your friends know you're in town in a tap.

🎟  At a conference?
See who else is there by checking in.

🏡  Just moved in?
Discover people in your new neighbourhood.