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Create a space to connect in seconds

Share a link or QR code with a group of people to bring them together in a dedicated space where they can discover and connect with each other.

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Turn a list of names into rich professional profiles

Turn your event, community or workspace into a true networking opportunity by providing attendees a quick and easy way to discover and connect each other, online and in-person.

Make meaningful connections with ease

Easily discover the right people to connect with using Orbit's Signals to identify key skills and interests at a glance, and Sparks to gain insights and prompt conversation.

Better networking online and in-person

Spark up meaningful relationships around the things that bring people together.

Connect attendees at virtual and physical events.
Connect a network, interest group or professional community.
Connect visitors, members and groups at workspaces with ease.

Quick to setup, easy to join

Whether you're hosting or joining a space, Orbit Connect is quick and easy.
Desktop, tablet and mobile ready without the need to download anything.

1. Launch
Anyone can create and launch a space to connect in seconds.
2. Share
Share a link or QR code with the group to take them straight to the space.
3. Join
One click join for existing users, super-speedy onboarding for new.

Need more community features?

Use Orbit to build, manage and engage your professional group in one dedicated place with powerful features to create a valuable community experience.

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