About Orbit

We’re building a platform to enable and empower communities, with a network to discover and build valuable relationships.

Our Mission

To nurture success through the power of community.

Our Platform and Network

Interest groups, events, places and brands bring people together and form the foundation of community. However, turning that into a vibrant and valuable community isn't easy.

Community managers and organisers quickly find their workflow, efforts and data fragmented across multiple products. This trickles down to a community's members, resulting in a disjointed and fragmented experience.

The Orbit Platform provides organisers and community managers with the tools to easily build, manage and engage professional communities in their own dedicated digital space.

On top of our community platform sits our network. The Orbit Network is made up of every person and every community on Orbit, connected by their relationships with each other.

Relationships are the backbone of communities and we want to leverage this to help our members discover the right people and the right communities to help them succeed.

Our Story

We started our journey in 2019 as we set out to solve a problem we had experienced first hand.

Having run a series of events for our local tech community here in Milton Keynes, we wanted to deliver more value and better connect the people we had brought together.

Our research for the digital tools and workflows to achieve this painted a picture of fragmentation, inefficiencies, expense and a lack of innovation.

We set out building a tool to support our community and saw an opportunity to make this widely available to other community managers and event organisers.

Through research, testing and iteration we have evolved the platform to what it is today, alongside our vision of what we want it to be.

We wouldn't have got this far without the help and continued support from our advisors, friends, family, organisers, community managers and Tech Nation, alongside the backing and belief from of our investors at SFC Capital.

Our Team

We're a small team with big ambition. We've spent our lives designing and building technology to solve problems that we've experienced first hand, for millions of people worldwide.

Oliver Waters

Co-founder and CEO

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Steven Waterfall

Co-founder and CTO

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Our Investors

We're backed by SFC Capital, with funding from private angel investors and British Business Investments.

Join Us

Orbit is based in Milton Keynes, England. We work remotely and are slowly building a team passionate about community to help us grow our platform and network.

Whether you're interested in joining our team or supporting us with ideas, capital or connections, we would love to hear from you.

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